10 Qualities That You Need To Look For In A Motivational Speaker

Make your life easier by rounding up your choices of motivational speakers. To help you out with that, we’ve listed 10 qualities that you should never compromise.

1. Experience

Effective SpeakerA good motivational speaker is not someone who just had an epiphany and decided to share inspiration to mankind. The inspiration, wisdom, and knowledge that all motivational speakers need do not magically appear inside a person’s head. They are earned not by reading books but by experiencing and understanding life.

2. Genuineness

The genuineness of expertise is given, but above all, there should be a genuine willingness to help other people. Sure, a motivational speaker builds a career to earn a living, but that should not hinder him from wanting to help people regardless of what money can offer.

You can only benefit from a speaker’s best of abilities if he has the best of intentions. Better take a look at a speaker’s advocacy and his professional and personal missions to find out if you can meet on the same page.

3. Eloquence

A motivational speaker is still a speaker at the end of the day. He needs to get his points across, and that can only happen if he truly knows how to speak clearly, with the right tone, phasing, pronunciation, inflection, and dynamics. He has to sound accurate and with conviction if he wants to make a long-lasting appeal to the audience.

There may be cases when a speaker does not have an impressive track record but has very compelling eloquence, and vice versa. You need to decide according to what your audience need. For instance, some types of audience may favor appeal over substance, which means they would rather hear an engaging speaker with average track record than a speaker with a lofty track record but cannot speak well.

4. Fun

With the present culture, it is almost impossible for motivational speakers to succeed in their profession without injecting fun into their presentations. Some people want something entertaining more than something motivational and inspirational, which is why even serious topics are sometimes discussed in the lightest way possible. After all, people who badly need motivation are the ones who are currently in the dark and gray areas of their lives. The least they need is something too heavy to bear.

5. Empathy

A good motivational speaker has to be sensitive to the needs and reactions of his audience. He cannot just continue with the program without thinking about how his audience react in real-time. He puts himself in other people’s shoes to help him self-regulate and control his words and actions as needed. Without empathy, he may just bring more offense than motivation.

6. Humor

Keynote speakerHumor is not humor unless it is funny, or so what a lot of people think. The truth is, a speaker can show humor without trying to be funny. He can be amusingly absurd or cheerfully expressive. Even the dictionary does not say anything about being funny. What is important is that the speaker has a “light” disposition that can be contagious as early as the first few minutes of the presentation.

7. Professionalism

Being famous does not excuse a motivational speaker from observing good conduct, punctuality, and respect. Even if you think that the speaker deserves to act like a diva, it does not mean that the audience will share the same thought if something “unprofessional” happens in the event. Remember that the audience’s negative feedback will backfire on you.

8. Versatility

So, motivational speakers have their own niches. You cannot really force someone to go out of his comfort zone, especially when he knows that he cannot deliver his best if he does so.

However, as the late legendary speaker and writer Dale Carnegie said, showing versatility does not require a speaker to do something he is not good at. It only requires him to cover a broader topic where his line of expertise already lies in the first place.

9. Amicability

You need to hire someone friendly not only to make your life easier but to give the audience a chance to interact with him without you worrying every second of it. This is very important especially when you are planning pre- and post-events, such as meet-and-greet and book signing.

10. Reputation

The reputation of motivational speakersis equivalent to their popularity. Use your networks and the internet to find out if a particular speaker has good reputation or bad. You should not take a risk with someone that people never want to work with and watch.

Batter Up for a Birthday Party with Baseball Pins and Other Cool Stuff

Birthdays are a league of their own. If your child is a baseball fan, then it can be a perfect theme for his birthday party! Here are a few homerun tips for organizing a baseball-themed event you both will surely love.

  • Start off by giving out creative invitation cards. They come in many interesting designs and shout-outs. They can come in any shape associated with baseball. Sample wordings can be:

– (Name) is sliding into home base for his 13th birthday!

– Draft Pick for (Name)’s 8th birthday.

– It’s (Name)’s First Pitch!

– Let’s play ball for (Nam)’s 7th birthday!

  • When you send out invitations, request your guests to dress up for the theme. They can come in baseball jerseys, wear the team colors, put on caps, or wear pins. Dressing up for the part will make the party even more baseball-spirited.
  • Decorate indoor walls with a birthday banner and pin towels lined up with baseball pins. This is one of the best times to showcase your child’s collection if he has one.
  • If you are holding it outdoors, welcome guests to the party by with streamers or banners that have the logo of your child’s favorite team or the team mascot, and of course a birthday greeting to the celebrant.
  • Whether you are using an indoor or outdoor venue, red and white balloons can really liven up the place.
  • You can prepare goodie bags that include baseball clapsticks or maracas that are shaped like baseballs, key rings, blinking magnets and baseball beads. Throw in baseball pins, a baseball stress ball and a water bottle to make it a more memorable take-away gift.
  • Baseball PinsFood is most important in any party but you really don’t have to over-think the menu for a baseball-themed birthday. Serve light snacks such hotdogs, nachos and other finger foods. You can place soda bottles in mini coolers and the guests can just dig in and get their drinks. Prepare small bags of peanuts, popcorn and cracker jacks, lining them up in tables. Serve a variety of chips and dips in colorful platters. Sugar cookies and chocolate cookies are a sure delight.
  • Minimize your need for centerpieces or table decors. You can line up baseball pins in the center of the table. Or have a really big baseball candy or gum machine.
  • It won’t be overkill if you spruce up your party table with baseball-themed tableware, especially if it is a children’s party. You can get paper plates, bowls, cups, spoon and fork, napkins and table cloths that have baseball designs.
  • Don’t forget the cake! It’s always fun to have the celebrant blow his candles and make a wish after everyone sings “Happy Birthday!” You can have it as big and intricate as you want, like a stadium, or as small and simple like a baseball. You can have the birthday candle in the shape of a bat.
  • You can also have cupcakes that have baseball-themed toppers like bats, mitts, helmets and assorted baseball pins.
  • Children’s birthday parties should always have games. Baseball piñata equals big fun! Another equally exciting game that guests can play is wiffle Younger guests can do a baseball spoon relay and Pin the Glove (much like Pin the Tail on the Donkey). Give out prizes to the winners.
  • Don’t forget to send out thank you cards. They can say, “We’re glad you made it to our homerun party!”.
  • Let guests bring home the ball game with baseball pins! They make good party favors. Children can add it to their collections, or trade it for another pin during season. Who knows, you may inspire a child to begin his own trading pin collection with your simple party keepsake.