Things to Consider When Putting Up a Portable Storage Containers Business

Portable storage units offer lucrative opportunities for entrepreneurs who see them as the primary option for storing and transporting items. However, venturing into this business will depend on the available amount of land and capital. Not to mention, a lot of focus is also required for the day-to-day operation of this business to ensure that everything is in place.

Below are some of the tips that can help us put up a portable storage containers business:

Market conditions

The success of this business will depend on the number of people in the area who are willing to avail the rate of the service. Do some research and compare the rates of rental and delivery with other companies. If this business doesn’t exist yet in the community, then we can look for a similar one just to do the comparison.

Normally, Portable Storage Services can reach a wider customer range than the traditional storage services – at about 30-mile radius. Also, portable storage services usually have higher rates than traditional storage units due to the inclusion of pick-up and delivery fees.

Portable Storage Container Business

Estimated costs

The cost of operating portable storage services will vary based on a number of factors. One, the size of the container. Two, its length. Three, its material. Four, the system of pick-up and delivery and five, the overall operating cost.

Another factor that we should consider is the warehousing costs. If we have suitable space for warehousing the customer’s storage units, then we should also factor in the cost of maintaining the storage units in that warehouse until it’s time to deliver them to the point of destination.

Local restrictions

There are specific municipalities that restrict the placement of portable storage units but mostly, the laws allow the short-term usage of portable storage units for remodeling, moving etc. provided that, permits must be secured whether it’s for long-term or short-term placement.

Transportation regulations

Every state has distinct laws but generally, trucks with a gross vehicle weight of 26,000 lbs. require drivers that have commercial license on driving. Also, vehicles that are commercially-owned should be registered. We can seek the help of any local transportation industry professional for compliance concerns.

Back-up plan

What are we going to do if the only truck we are using for our portable storage containers business breaks down? Or if it’s used for family emergencies? For such cases, it’s essential to create a back-up plan in order to keep the business going. Back up options might include getting a trailer truck or the help of a nearby towing company.

Legal as well as insurance issues

Getting into the portable storage containers business also means that we may need to create rental agreement. In doing this, make sure to consult an attorney who specializes in transportation law. If possible, cover every base and review the agreements of other competitors.

With regards to insurance, insurance companies might be unfamiliar about liability issues on renting portable storage. For this case, we should discuss the liability restrictions with insurance agents during the planning process.

An ideal rental agreement should cover liability limitations as well as the responsibilities of the renters (e.g. proper packing to avoid damage to the contents).

Storage Containers


One good thing about the portable storage containers business is that we can easily add more containers or units as the business grows. In case we need extra space for storing additional containers, leasing a warehouse can be considered as an option. Another thing to consider during inventory is the truck’s capacity to carry a specific number of containers.

Marketing plan

Even if we are doing the right thing, no one knows about it unless we come up with marketing efforts to promote the products and their services. We should create marketing plans that will cater the following: homeowners, contractor, document storage needs, retailers and construction sites.

Don’t know where to start? We can check out sites like to get an overview of their products and services as well as their price quotes and agreements.

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Significance of Using Custom Coins from ChallengeCoins4Less

During the early days, especially the World War times, US volunteers who came from different areas within the country joined the newly formed flying squadrons. Some were rich scions who are still in college like Harvard and Yale who gave up in midterm in order to join the war. In one troop, a rich lieutenant ordered medallions in bronze material to present to his squadron. A young pilot put the medallion in a small pouch he is carrying around his neck, and this is where challenge coins began to grow its popularity. In the following paragraphs, ChallengeCoins4Less will introduce you to the importance of military coins in today’s businesses and organizations.

Custom-coinsSeeing how popular challenge coins are these days, our company is more inspired to produce top quality coins that customers can use in the long run. We always make sure to create value every time we manufacture coins for our clients across the globe. If you are interested in our designs, you can always check out our website and know how ChallengeCoins4Less can support your needs. With affordable prices, you can surely find the ultimate coin design you need for your branding goals. Our expert coin makers will help you achieve your business objectives particularly in your promotional campaigns.

Why Use Custom Challenge Coins

By making premium challenge military coins beyond the normal appearance, we are successfully creating excellent reputation in the industry. Our customers include government agencies, sport teams, fraternities, clubs, schools, organizations, businesses, firefighters, law enforcement, and military units. If you want to see our portfolio, take your time to browse our webpage and get what you exactly need. ChallengeCoins4Less is here to guide you in choosing the best coin manufacturing service in the country for exceptional outcomes.

As far as the history of military coins is concerned, the significance it had back in the days still lives until now. However, these coins that are used today also hold value that no other coin can ever match. The unique identity of our challenge coins also carries various brands, company names, and organizations around the world. Since we believe that identity is highly important to any business or organization, we make sure to produce coin designs that are easy to remember and recognize. In the military units, the more coins you have in your uniform, the higher position you have. However, we need to be careful in our actions, so we can protect the symbol we are wearing via coins.

Apart from the military, challenge coins have also grown popularity in fire and police departments. In fact, you can also see them in sports teams, NASA, musicians, performers, and artists. Everyone can wear it today since the value may differ depending on the institution being represented. With the online ordering system offered by many companies, you can quickly find the ideal coin you want.

Growing Value of Military Coins Worldwide

challenge-coinsSince challenge coins are not in any kind of budget, there is no specific set of rules or procedures in producing them. Simply put, the designing process is not formal while companies use their own methods to manufacture bulk orders. For collectors, ChallengeCoins4Less also offers collectible coins with special values. You can check out our website if you want to witness the actually designs of our coins currently offered online, but remember that carrying coins is not a way to boast achievements. Usually, they are used for recognition and awarding people’s outstanding performances in their organizations.

Through the years, our coins have been symbolizing important sectors in the government. We also collect memories from the clients we manufacture coins for. All you have to do is to provide us the exact details you need to include in your coin designs. With timely delivery, you are guaranteed to receive premium military challenge coins that offer unique appearance and value. Whether you need personal mementos, tokens, or items to serve as awards, we have the right solution for you.

If you are hosting an upcoming event, which requires you to provide tokens to your guests, our valuable coins can give you the exact item you are expecting to have. We also encourage you to give us trust when it comes to producing the right quantity of challenge coins you need for your event. Receiving a coin in fact represents your excellence and respective authority. So be sure to obtain the finest coins available in the market today and show people your fulfillments in life with our help.

You can simply look at our site and know how ChallengeCoins4Less can maintain your requirements.

Best services in multiple listing long island by li-realestatefinder – easy, simple and accurate

There’s an old saying which is very true when it comes to real estate and that is “It is not what you know, but who you know that matters”. In many cases, this is absolutely true in order for you to find a good deal in real estate. Of course, when doing so, you need to take a few moment of your time before deciding. Find a real estate investment, look for right people and find yourself a real estate corporation that will help you all the way. It takes so much time to do and requires a considerable amount of money. Finding the right property does not happen overnight. Thus, the property should give you a decent return and this could be a very challenging task with inexperienced investors or for those of you people out there who wants to venture in the real estate industry.


investorThere are two kinds of investors in this kind of industry, and we are going to understand the differences between the two. Income stream can be a rental property and the other one is called as the flippers. Some investors look for real estate property, develop them, and then, these investors will offer their property for people who are interested renting homes. The Flipper, on the other hand, is the kind of real estate investor who prefers to buy a property, develops it, then hire real estate agents to sell their property. This investment can double or even triple their resources but it may take some time to get the good ROI (Return of Investment)

Long Island Real Estate Finder

We cannot deny the fact, that there are several kinds of ways on how to find a potential real estate investment in the area the Long Island in particular. Because of the advancement of technology, aspiring real estate investor like you are can find a certain area that can be a good investment. However, it is not as simple as it sounds. Consider what if, you brought this property then after a month, here comes the recession period. Quite frankly, you will find a lot of dead ends and you can’t do anything about it but to watch your investment crashed.

Enough of the game

Using the advantage of the internet can both help and destroys you. These days, as you use your favorite search engine, there will be tons and tons of real estate property for sale results. Most of the sites are offering and promising that they have the updated listing from their database, but as you enter, you become frustrated. It takes a lot of time, you spent your effort, but only to be disappointed. Not to mention that this would be your first venture in the business, and it seems like you are about to give up already. If you are tired of learning techniques about real estate business, as mentioned before, it is not just about the knowledge you gain but what really matters is your leverage system. The Best services in multiple listing long island by li-realestatefinder, ensures that you are going to get what you need from home services, broker, insurance, roofing system and many more.


We, the Li-RealEstateFinder are glad to be your leverage. Finding the Best services in multiple listing long island by li-realestatefinder, makes your research effortless and easy. Our site is your one-stop search engine that offers real estate homes in Long Island. Regardless if you are looking for a huge home, commercial estate property, or just a simple home for you and your loved ones, we got you covered. Our goal is to provide you accurate information when looking for homes that suit your style and budget. We can narrow down your search option that you will certainly love. You can have your best services in multiple listing Long Island by Li-RealEstateFinder, simple, updated and accurate.

Probably most of you are looking for a specific style of the house or perhaps you are looking for the cheapest real estate property as much as possible. Thanks, to the advance search button, the best services in multiple listing long island by li-realestatefinder provides you the exact location, the exact home you want at the exact time.

Traditional Golf Apparel

The game of golf dates back to the 17th century where young Scottish men invented the game in the highlands of Scotland. It was first a casual game played among friends for pure social reason. Through the centuries though, golf has evolved into an internationally recognized sport played all over the world both by professional & amateur golfers.

Along with the evolution of the game, golf apparel has evolved along with it. Although a lot has changed with traditional golf clothing from its inception in Scotland to the present day, one thing remains the same. There is an appropriate, tradition exacted apparel that all golfers, whether male or female, are expected to adhere to while playing the game.

Apparel in the 17th Century

Scotland, being the birthplace of golf, has an unforgiving climate. Its highlands are often shrouded in cold fog, intermittent rains & harsh winds for the most part of the year. It’s no surprise that the originators of the game wore clothing that allowed them to play golf in comfort, shielded from the harsh elements of the Scottish highlands.

The Golfer in the 1900s

Fashion magazines in the 1900s had this to say about the fashionable golfer:

‘He wore a crisp single-breasted jacket tailored with a waist coat. And he coupled this with a pair of knickerbockers that extended down to the feet using a pair of long cotton stockings snuggled into comfortable golf shoes. The fashionably in tune golfer will know to complete his golf apparel with a fine golf cap & necktie.’

GolfIn the mid-1900s, golf was taken on as the sport of choice by the elite. These affluent players tweaked the golf uniform a little bit to suit their expensive taste. They assembled a much more formal outfit to distinguish themselves on the golf course. During this time, ‘plus fours’ or knickerbockers that are 4 inches longer in length were all the rage.

Add to that long golf socks trimmed with patterns paired with ‘spectator’ shoes that were two toned. For the top, elite golfers back in the day honored the tradition of wearing shirts with neckties, but added a heavy or light cardigan referred to as a ‘Norfolk jacket’. This guarded them against the cold days playing on the course.

The Arrival of Flannels

In the late 1900s, knickerbockers were replaced by flannel pants. Suddenly golf courses were awash with golfers wearing flannels. Soon enough knickerbockers began to slowly dwindle away. The reason for this was almost all golfers during that time were white male corporate professionals. They would often go to the golf course directly after leaving the office and would play with the standard issue office flannel pants.

Other than knickerbockers, the staple golf apparel that was tossed out during this time was the necktie. Gentlemen golfers, having worn neckties the entire day in the office, preferred to remove them while playing on the greens.

The Casual

Golf JacketsWhen heat waves became the norm in the late 1900s and early 2000s, especially those well timed during professional golf tournaments, the players had no choice but to discard the bulky & heavy traditional golf clothing with more light weight apparel.

In a heat wave, having a layer of tweed jackets, on top of a shirt, and a cardigan can be very uncomfortable, stifling and impractical. For the sake of performance & comfort, professional & amateur golf players began a trend of wearing casual golfing apparel.

Present Day Golf Clothing

Looking back it is obvious, based on present day accepted golf apparel, that clothing for the game has had a massive evolution since it began in the highlands of Scotland centuries ago. Gone are the knickerbockers days, since shorts & pants are now very much well established.

Golf shirtsTailored single breasted jackets with waist coats have long been replaced by casual shirts & vests. Golf shoes are now technologically designed by the best sport shoes brands in the world. And neckties are hardly ever seen worn in golf courses anymore. These days golfing apparel, although still influenced by tradition & style, are now geared more towards comfort & protection.

Setting the Trend

Watch a professional golf tournament these days and you will notice certain players bucking tradition & breaking the rules on prescribed apparel. Young golf players such as Rickie Fowler, Paula Cramer, and Natalie Gulbis create an identity for themselves by wearing ‘signature’ apparel that set them apart from the other players.

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11 Awesome Uses Of Patches

Patches are colorful and interesting. They are used to cover clothing damage. They are also used for self-expression and passion. They are cheap and versatile.

They are used by different organizations, including:

1. Schools

Many schools place an iron on patch on their students’ uniforms. These patches usually contain the school’s name and logo.

2. Police Department

The police department uses a specialized and custom patch on their policemen’s uniform. Police officials also place a special patch on the policeman’s uniform to signify his achievements and rank. Patches4less you can get different variety of patches.

3. Fund Raising Events

PatchesFundraising is a difficult task because it involves asking people for money. This is the reason why a lot of fundraisers put a lot of thought on their fund-raising tools. These small pieces of cloth are great fundraising tools because they are cheap and they have many uses. Fundraisers can place their organization’s name, logo, slogan, cause, or motto on the patch. They can also use these pieces of cloth to promote their advocacies. They can also print specialized “thank you” notes on the patch.

4. Companies

Companies can use these beautiful iron on cloths to promote their products and services. They can print the product’s name and logo on the patch and give it away to existing and potential customers.

Companies can also use a patch to reward performing employees such as the top sales agents, top supervisors, and top managers.

5. Fashion Stores

Fashion stores use these pieces of iron on cloths to enhance their design. They place it on jeans, bags, blouses, uniforms, and even on dresses. They place glitter, sequins, buttons, and all other fashion items on the patch to make it more elegant and unique.

6. Civic Clubs

Iron On PatchesJoining a club has a lot of benefits. It keeps you busy. It increases your knowledge and helps you develop a new skil. Joining a club also helps increase your social opportunities. Civic clubs also serve as a platform of success as it helps you develop your leadership skills. It also increases your social, business, and personal network. So, if you’re a part of civic club, it may be a good idea to use iron on appliques. These appliques help develop a strong sense of pride amongst the members. It helps develop a strong sense of camaraderie and belongingness.

7. Gaming Societies

Gaming is fun and exciting. Also gaming improves cognitive and strategic skills. It also helps ease pain, depression, and reduce stress. It also helps you meet new friends.

So, if you’re a part of a gaming club, it’s a good idea to use iron on patches.

You can print cartoon and gaming characters on the appliques such as:

• Mario and Luigi
• Pokemon
• Pacman
• Agent 47
• Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy
• Kratos
• Worms
• Nathan Drake from Uncharted: Drake’s fortune
• Scorpion
• Naruto
• Ryu Hayabusa
• Dante from Devil May Cry
• Donkey Kong
• Vault Boy from Fallout
• Marcus Fenix from Gears of War
• Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil 2
• Miner Willy from Manic Miner
• Ryu from Street Fighter
• Bowser from Super Mario
• Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider

You can give away these custom patches to your club members. You can also place it on your bag, jeans, and binders.

8. Counseling Teams

If you’re part of a counseling or anti-depression team, it may be a good idea to use iron on appliques to cheer people up. You can print various positive images on the appliques such as rainbows, smileys, heart, flying birds, butterflies, unicorn, and growing plants. You can use these appliques to instill hope and optimism among people with depression and other mental health issues.

9. Concert Organizer

The hippie and gypsie fashion and culture is back with vengeance. So, if you are a concert organizer, it may be a good idea to produce iron on appliques that feature the logos of the bands performing at the concert. You can give these appliques away to the concert-goers. These appliques will surely make the event more memorable for the attendies.

10. Movie Clubs

Custom PatchesIf you belong to a movie club, it would be a good idea to print your favorite movie logos and characters of iron on appliques. You can place the famous movies images on the appliques such as the Star Wars logo, the Jurassic Park logo, or the helmet of the storm trooper. You can also place the image of a popcorn to signify your love for movies. You can even place the image of Disney princesses such as Arielle, Elsa, Jasmine, Cinderella, and Snon White on the appliques.

11. Food Stores

Food stores can use iron on appliques to promote their products and services. They can place images of their burgers, fries, and donuts on the appliques and give it away to their customers. This will definitely cheer up the customers.

Whether you’re in a gaming club, non-profit organization, or you own a business, we produce patches that address your every need.

Look Cool And Fab With Differently Styled Silicone Bracelets

Silicone bracelets, without a doubt has become a huge hit ever since the iconic yellow “Live strong” wristbands were introduced in 2004. Its sudden popularity paved way to its important role in raising awareness and promoting various causes today.

It has not only become a powerful tool to raise awareness, but it has later sprung other uses throughout the time. To this day, these silicone wristbands also contribute to the political scene and fashion industry. It also plays a big part in charity causes especially in fundraising.

Silicone BraceletsWhatever uses these gel bracelets may offer – be it as an awareness tool, a promotional item or simply a fashion statement – it has certainly become a booming industry over the years, trending with both the young and adults alike.

And as the silicone wristband industry continues to grow, different styles are being developed to further enhance the product and improve the satisfaction it brings. With these various styles popping one after the other, it is essential to learn about each of these if you are planning to hop in this popular trend.

So it is time to get trendy and learn the different styles of these silicone bracelets.


The most common style and by far, the most popular among its types, the Debossed wristband features engraved text or logos on the band. The design is molded directly on the surface, so there is no need to fear of the engraving wearing off.

This style is also the one used in the Live strong wristband and the standard style for silicone wristbands.


Much like the Debossed style, the Embossed wristband is also another popular style among its kinds. What makes it different from Debossed is that the text or logo imprints are raised or embossed on the surface for an added stand out factor.

Color Filled

While the Debossed style may look plain and simple, with Color Filled, there is an added color to the engravings to make it more visible even from afar. With this feature, you will be able to play with dual colors to suit your personal preference.

Color Coated

Mix and match colors with Color Coated style.

WristbandsIn this silicone bracelets style, you will be able to pick a color to coat the outside part of the wristband before engraving the text or logo you want. When the engraving is done, it causes the painted color to show through the original wristband color, creating a striking contrast for a better look.


With Segmented style, two or more colors are segmented on the surface, creating a colorful and eye-catching silicone wristband. Great for multicolored logos, this style is best to show the school, business or sports team spirit. In addition, it can go with any style of your choice except the color coated.


Looking for a tie-dyed look? Then go for Swirled wristbands.

In this style, you can have two or more colors swirled together on the band providing splash of colors that will surely catch anyone’s attention. If you are looking for multiple colors, this style is definitely for you.


If you need intricate logos or designs printed on your silicone wristbands, then the Silkscreen style is your best option.

Rubber bracelets

With the Silkscreen style, logos or designs are printed directly on the band through the silk screen process. Any logo and design is good as long as it fits the band. However, while this style works best for complicated designs, it is important to note that the print wears off easily compared to the other styles.

One Inch

Going for larger designs? Then the One Inch style might be for you.

When the standard ½ inch wristband size is not big enough for you, the One Inch style is your best bet, because needless to say, it is double the size of the standard bracelet. With larger space, it allows more room for your huge designs and can usually go with other wristband style such as debossed, color filled or silk screened.

¾ Inch

On the other hand, if One Inch seems too big and the ½ inch feels too small, the ¾ Inch style is here to save the day.

Much like the other sizes, the ¾ Inch style can go along with debossed, color filled or silk screened styles. Now you can have a bracelet that does not feel too big or too small on your wrists.


If you are still not satisfied with the sizes, you might want to try the Micro style.

The Micro style is only half the size of the standard size. With its small size, many people opt to wear multiple wristbands of this style. Also, due to the size, the only way to imprint text on this is through silk screen process. However, take note that intricate designs might become less visible since there is only limited room to print in Micro style.


As the name suggests, the Finger band is worn around the finger instead of the wrists. However, due to its small size, larger designs might not fit. In this size, the debossed style is often used to directly engrave the text or designs on the band.


Keychain WristbandsWant an innovative way to use your silicone bracelets? Then why not use it as a keychain?

The Keychain style, as the name suggests, makes your bracelets a handy keychain to use. In this style, a special hardware is added on the wristbands to turn it into a keychain.

This style is useful in promoting a brand or advertising car dealerships. All you have to do is hand over the key to your clients with this keychain wristband attached and voila, instant promotion of your brand.

Debossed, color filled or silkscreen? One inch, micro or finger? Now that you are familiar with these silicone bracelets styles, you are now fully equipped to decide which style you prefer. Whatever the style is, we at The Wristband Factory are sure to deliver quality and satisfying products that you deserve.

Author Bio:
Silicone bracelets an effective way to promote or publicize a good cause, a business or a sports team. Over the years, the world has witnessed a steady increase in the popularity of customized rubber bracelets throughout the globe.

10 Qualities That You Need To Look For In A Motivational Speaker

Make your life easier by rounding up your choices of motivational speakers. To help you out with that, we’ve listed 10 qualities that you should never compromise.

1. Experience

Effective SpeakerA good motivational speaker is not someone who just had an epiphany and decided to share inspiration to mankind. The inspiration, wisdom, and knowledge that all motivational speakers need do not magically appear inside a person’s head. They are earned not by reading books but by experiencing and understanding life.

2. Genuineness

The genuineness of expertise is given, but above all, there should be a genuine willingness to help other people. Sure, a motivational speaker builds a career to earn a living, but that should not hinder him from wanting to help people regardless of what money can offer.

You can only benefit from a speaker’s best of abilities if he has the best of intentions. Better take a look at a speaker’s advocacy and his professional and personal missions to find out if you can meet on the same page.

3. Eloquence

A motivational speaker is still a speaker at the end of the day. He needs to get his points across, and that can only happen if he truly knows how to speak clearly, with the right tone, phasing, pronunciation, inflection, and dynamics. He has to sound accurate and with conviction if he wants to make a long-lasting appeal to the audience.

There may be cases when a speaker does not have an impressive track record but has very compelling eloquence, and vice versa. You need to decide according to what your audience need. For instance, some types of audience may favor appeal over substance, which means they would rather hear an engaging speaker with average track record than a speaker with a lofty track record but cannot speak well.

4. Fun

With the present culture, it is almost impossible for motivational speakers to succeed in their profession without injecting fun into their presentations. Some people want something entertaining more than something motivational and inspirational, which is why even serious topics are sometimes discussed in the lightest way possible. After all, people who badly need motivation are the ones who are currently in the dark and gray areas of their lives. The least they need is something too heavy to bear.

5. Empathy

A good motivational speaker has to be sensitive to the needs and reactions of his audience. He cannot just continue with the program without thinking about how his audience react in real-time. He puts himself in other people’s shoes to help him self-regulate and control his words and actions as needed. Without empathy, he may just bring more offense than motivation.

6. Humor

Keynote speakerHumor is not humor unless it is funny, or so what a lot of people think. The truth is, a speaker can show humor without trying to be funny. He can be amusingly absurd or cheerfully expressive. Even the dictionary does not say anything about being funny. What is important is that the speaker has a “light” disposition that can be contagious as early as the first few minutes of the presentation.

7. Professionalism

Being famous does not excuse a motivational speaker from observing good conduct, punctuality, and respect. Even if you think that the speaker deserves to act like a diva, it does not mean that the audience will share the same thought if something “unprofessional” happens in the event. Remember that the audience’s negative feedback will backfire on you.

8. Versatility

So, motivational speakers have their own niches. You cannot really force someone to go out of his comfort zone, especially when he knows that he cannot deliver his best if he does so.

However, as the late legendary speaker and writer Dale Carnegie said, showing versatility does not require a speaker to do something he is not good at. It only requires him to cover a broader topic where his line of expertise already lies in the first place.

9. Amicability

You need to hire someone friendly not only to make your life easier but to give the audience a chance to interact with him without you worrying every second of it. This is very important especially when you are planning pre- and post-events, such as meet-and-greet and book signing.

10. Reputation

The reputation of motivational speakersis equivalent to their popularity. Use your networks and the internet to find out if a particular speaker has good reputation or bad. You should not take a risk with someone that people never want to work with and watch.

Batter Up for a Birthday Party with Baseball Pins and Other Cool Stuff

Birthdays are a league of their own. If your child is a baseball fan, then it can be a perfect theme for his birthday party! Here are a few homerun tips for organizing a baseball-themed event you both will surely love.

  • Start off by giving out creative invitation cards. They come in many interesting designs and shout-outs. They can come in any shape associated with baseball. Sample wordings can be:

– (Name) is sliding into home base for his 13th birthday!

– Draft Pick for (Name)’s 8th birthday.

– It’s (Name)’s First Pitch!

– Let’s play ball for (Nam)’s 7th birthday!

  • When you send out invitations, request your guests to dress up for the theme. They can come in baseball jerseys, wear the team colors, put on caps, or wear pins. Dressing up for the part will make the party even more baseball-spirited.
  • Decorate indoor walls with a birthday banner and pin towels lined up with baseball pins. This is one of the best times to showcase your child’s collection if he has one.
  • If you are holding it outdoors, welcome guests to the party by with streamers or banners that have the logo of your child’s favorite team or the team mascot, and of course a birthday greeting to the celebrant.
  • Whether you are using an indoor or outdoor venue, red and white balloons can really liven up the place.
  • You can prepare goodie bags that include baseball clapsticks or maracas that are shaped like baseballs, key rings, blinking magnets and baseball beads. Throw in baseball pins, a baseball stress ball and a water bottle to make it a more memorable take-away gift.
  • Baseball PinsFood is most important in any party but you really don’t have to over-think the menu for a baseball-themed birthday. Serve light snacks such hotdogs, nachos and other finger foods. You can place soda bottles in mini coolers and the guests can just dig in and get their drinks. Prepare small bags of peanuts, popcorn and cracker jacks, lining them up in tables. Serve a variety of chips and dips in colorful platters. Sugar cookies and chocolate cookies are a sure delight.
  • Minimize your need for centerpieces or table decors. You can line up baseball pins in the center of the table. Or have a really big baseball candy or gum machine.
  • It won’t be overkill if you spruce up your party table with baseball-themed tableware, especially if it is a children’s party. You can get paper plates, bowls, cups, spoon and fork, napkins and table cloths that have baseball designs.
  • Don’t forget the cake! It’s always fun to have the celebrant blow his candles and make a wish after everyone sings “Happy Birthday!” You can have it as big and intricate as you want, like a stadium, or as small and simple like a baseball. You can have the birthday candle in the shape of a bat.
  • You can also have cupcakes that have baseball-themed toppers like bats, mitts, helmets and assorted baseball pins.
  • Children’s birthday parties should always have games. Baseball piñata equals big fun! Another equally exciting game that guests can play is wiffle Younger guests can do a baseball spoon relay and Pin the Glove (much like Pin the Tail on the Donkey). Give out prizes to the winners.
  • Don’t forget to send out thank you cards. They can say, “We’re glad you made it to our homerun party!”.
  • Let guests bring home the ball game with baseball pins! They make good party favors. Children can add it to their collections, or trade it for another pin during season. Who knows, you may inspire a child to begin his own trading pin collection with your simple party keepsake.